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Elections in India are turning into a race between Narendra Modi and everybody else. A recent survey showed 52% of voters think the current prime minister Modi is still the right person for the top job. And Modi’s Hindu-nationalist BJP are certainly confident of his ability to win elections and smash his political opponents, portraying the Saffron party leader as a political terminator. This post on their official X, or Twitter, account saying “2024, I’ll be back”. The BJP also tells India’s opposition parties to “Dream on” if they think Narendra Modi can be defeated. The terminator, they say, always wins. The opposition thinks not. More than 20 of India’s oppositon parties have now come together under the banner of the Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance or INDIA for short. The aim – to put up candidates in constituent parties’ strongholds against the BJP. The alliance is hoping jointly contesting elections like that will give them the collective numbers to form the next government. DW Correspondent Adil Bhat travelled to Mumbai to witness an important meeting of the alliance.


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