Taiwan backed by Guatemala as ‘solid’ diplomatic ally, but isolated by China | DW News

Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei visited Taipei this week. Taiwan, de facto operates as an independent country but is not diplomatically recognized by most other countries around the world. That makes its few diplomatic relations extra important.

Especially because Beijing has been on overdrive to pick off Taiwan’s allies one by one in recent years, get them to switch recognition, in its attempt to isolate the island. China protested the Guatamalan president’s visit to Taipei, of course. But Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen welcomed Alejandro Giammattei with full military honors and a state banquet. Giammattei told Tsai not to worry – and that his country would stand with Taiwan.

Beijing is watching another country in the Central and South American region, Paraguay. The country is holding elections in just a few days. And the results could determine whether Taiwan will lose yet another diplomatic ally. This would be a foreign policy setback, but there is also a human cost.

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