The Mere Exposure Effect

Some people think they are immune to ads. If you are one of them, you might not have heard of the mere exposure effect— a psychological phenomenon by which we tend to like things the more we are exposed to them. Beware, it takes just about 15 iterations for the effect to reach its full potential.

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A Toy’s Day Out – Shaun Frearson
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Today we know that the Mere Exposure Effect is so robust, that it can even be demonstrated on animals as an experiment with fertile chicken eggs has shown. Tones of two different frequencies were played to different groups of chicks while they were still unhatched. Once hatched, each tone was played to both groups of chicks. The chicks consistently chose the tone played to them prenatally.

Read how recent studies also found that exposure is very linked to context and that the mere exposure effect disappears when we present the same item in a completely different context.

Learn more about subliminal stimuli

Read about the mere-exposure effect and the science behind intuitive marketing.


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00:00 The power of mere exposure
00:29 Mere exposure effect unveiled
00:49 Two main explanations
01:31 The discoverer of the effect
01:54 Zajonc’s experiment
03:04 Impact on advertising
03:54 What do you think?
04:30 Patrons credit
04:38 Ending

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