Wiggle Your Psych2Go Plush

The Plush is Now Available on store here with a limited stock: https://psych2go.shop/products/psych2go-plushie-pre-orders

So excited. We posted about the plush just a day ago and supplies are already almost out. To do a few more pushes, we’re releasing a few more other products on our shop. The vision of our merchandise is to be a reminder for us that mental wellness is all around us. I myself hold a lot of the prototypes our team has been working so hard on and I can’t wait to get them in the hands of everyone soon. I know some of you from all the world want them available in your countries as well, soon, we will open them up. And also, as we become more profitable, we would love to do a lot of giveaways since the mission of these merchandise is to remind us about mental wellness. That’s truly what I feel they could do in the long run. It won’t be about the money, but what they will stand for in the times to come. We have around 300 of these left!

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