How To Start the New Year (2023) Powerfully with Performance Coach @YuriChoi

Welcome beautiful souls of Psych2Go!
Happy New Year! Are you ready for another awesome year?
In this livestream, Performance Coach, Author, & YouTuber Yuri Choi will be doing a mini workshop on how to start the new year powerfully.

Feel free to bring a pen and a journal (or somewhere to type) so that we can get into the reflections of last year together, and move forward into the new year with excitement!

See you soon!

Forgiveness (Ho’oponopono prayer) video mentioned in the livestream:

About Yuri Choi:

Yuri Choi is the Founder of Yuri Choi Coaching and she helps successful entrepreneurs and high performers achieve deep sense of fulfillment and peace, as well as amplify their results by showing them how to manage their energy and create balance in their lives. She is a speaker, 8x author, and her latest book is called Creating Your Own Happiness. Yuri is passionate about spreading the messages about meditation, power of intention, and creating a powerful mindset to live a fulfilling life. She is also a Habitude Warrior Conference Rockstar and MC, as well as the designated Performance Coach & Advisor for Psych2Go, the largest online mental health YouTube channel in the world with 10 million subscribers. Her mission in the world is inspire people to live with more laughter, oneness, vulnerability and ease, to ignite people to live in a world of infinite creative possibilities.

Connect with Yuri:
Instagram: @yuri1c

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